PATH@1919 (Philadelphia)

OWNER: PATH (People Acting To Help) Inc.

GC: W.S. Cumby

ARCHITECT: Bloomfield & Associates Architects


  • Renovation
    • 190 Replacement Windows
    • 250 SF Replacement Glazing and Gaskets in existing building ground floor locations
    • 350 SF Replacement Storefront and Entrances with automated and Manual ADA operators
      • Laminated and Tempered Glazing
    • Addition/New Construction:
      • Delegated Design
      • 7,400 SF Curtain Wall
      • 5,040 SF Thermal Front Set Storefront
      • 2 Pair and 9 Single Entrances with automated and manual operators
      • 12,500 SF High Performing Insulating Glazing Units, Custom Color Tinted, Vision, and Spandrel
      • 2,610 SF Specialized custom perforated vertical fins and attachments to building structure
      • 500 LF Custom Curtain Wall Face Caps
      • 1” Insulated Metal Panel Infills
      • Operable vents and casements in storefront
    • Interiors
      • 5 Dormakaba Automatic Sliding Entrances
      • 1,600 SF Interior Storefronts with (3) Single Door Entrances
      • 335 units Miscellaneous Monolithic Glazing; Laminated, Rated, Non-Rated
      • 20 Units Frameless Mirrors
      • 14 Aluminum Sliding Barn Door Surrounds
      • 4 Openings Fire Rated Storefront and Entrances with Custom Hardware
      • 400 LF Interior Guardrail mounted to curtain wall mullions
      • 390 LF Custom Aluminum Tubing at Perimeter of Convector Covers to Curtain Wall
      • Custom aluminum brake metal closure angles and extrusions at glazing system perimeters
      • Pass-Thru Service Window

Noteworthy characteristics:

  • Graboyes Design-Build – specialized custom products throughout project, designed by Graboyes with assistance of vendors and engineering firm
  • Custom cut and fabricated insulating glazing units to allow steel posts with 3-D Butterfly Features to extend from floor slab and stand proud of glazing façade above exterior main entrance
  • 29 Custom designed, engineered, and fabricated Vertical Solar Shades with attachment to building structure by Graboyes
    • 60’ Long x 18” Deep with integrated Lighting
    • Perforated Aluminum Extrusions with welded aluminum tube framing
    • Straight and Tapered fins were installed at a rate of every other vertical placement
    • Custom Painted Sunstorm Finish
    • Custom Aluminum attachment brackets, designed for Project Specific Vertical Solar Shades
  • 500 LF of custom extruded die for curtain wall vertical knife plate face caps in accent color
  • 4 Separate Aluminum Custom Finish Colors Throughout Project
  • 4 Separate decorative color tints in insulated glazing units for accent color
  • Curtain Wall designed to coordinate with canopy attachment points, with integral metal panel and brake shapes to allow for seamless aesthetic appearance


  • Graham Architectural Products – GS6600 Fixed/Awning Aluminum Windows with Trim and Clip
  • Tubelite – 400CW; Both Structurally Glazed and Captured Systems, Staggered for desired appearance and custom knife face plate accents
  • Tubelite – TU14000 I/O Front Set Storefront
  • Tubelite – Thermal and Standard Aluminum Framed Glass Swing Doors
  • Leed Himmel – Custom perforated straight and tapered Vertical Solar Shades
  • Hadco – Custom Aluminum Brackets Designed for Vertical Solar Shades
  • DesCo – Operable Vents and Casements in Exterior Storefront
  • JEB and Press Glass – Insulating Glazing Units
  • GEI – Interior Monolithic Glazing and Frameless Fabricated Mirrors
  • Mapes – Insulated Metal panel Infills
  • Quickserv – Transaction Service Window
  • CR Laurence – Handrail Brackets and Handrail attached to curtain wall mullions
  • Dormakaba – Sliding Automatic Entrances
  • Southern Aluminum Finishes and Petersen Aluminum – Custom brake metal shapes and profiles
  • Bork Metal – Stainless Steel Brake Shapes at ATM Renovation
  • Tri-Steel – Custom Curtain Wall Attachment Brackets
  • Triumph Engineering, LLC – Curtain wall; Storefront; Solar Shade; Glazed System Project Engineering