Graboyes Commercial partners with ClearVue Technologies

Graboyes Commercial Window and Glass Solutions, along with its sister companies Graboyes Smart Buildings and Graboyes Efficiency Tenant, has entered a partnership with ClearVue Technologies of West Perth, West Australia, for the manufacture, sale, and marketing of its products that use innovative glazing technology – technology that generates renewable power in windows and commercial building glass facades. 

Since Graboyes is focused on assisting building owners and their construction industry partners in the creation of efficient, healthy, and safe buildings, ClearVue’s combined energy efficient, energy generating glazing is a technology that fits well into its growing portfolio of glazing, efficiency, onsite generation, and ancillary grid services solutions. The wide-ranging agreement will include windows and façades for secondary schools and universities. ClearVue’s smart solar glass façades that incorporate carbon dioxide sensors allow windows to automatically vent.

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ClearVue's energy-generating glazing technology