Philadelphia School District Northeast Community Propel Academy (Philadelphia)

OWNER: School District of Philadelphia

GC: Gilbane



  • New Construction
  • Delegated Design for Insulating Glazing Units
  • Steel Reinforced Free-Standing Curtain Walls
  • Delegated Design for Offset-Legged and Rabbeted Insulated Panels to receive SSG Joints
  • 7,550 SF 7-1/2” Depth 2-Sided SSG Curtain Wall
  • 11,350 SF 6” Depth Window Wall
  • Operable Vents in Window Wall
  • 12 Pair Thermal Aluminum Glazed Entrances with Hardware
  • 940 SF Thermal Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Assemblies
  • 10 Types of Laminated and Tinted Insulating Glazing Units
  • Custom Tri-Color and Rabbeted Mapes Insulated Panels
  • 300+ Units of Miscellaneous and Decorative Laminated Monolithic Interior Glazing units


  • YKK-AP
    • YWW-750OG SSG Curtain Wall
    • YES-60TU Window Wall
    • YES-SSGTU Venting and Casement Windows
    • 50XT Entrance Systems
    • 50D Entrance Systems
  • Rochester Insulated Glass – Insulating Glazing Units; Interior and Decorative Glazing Units
  • Kalwall – Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Assemblies
  • Mapes – Insulated Panel Infills
  • Tri-Steel – Steel Reinforcement for Curtain Wall
  • Banner Solutions – Hardware for Entrances
  • Triumph Engineering, LLC – Glazed Systems Project Engineering
  • Colfab – Fabrication of Glazed Aluminum Systems
  • TGP – Miscellaneous Rated Glass Infills