Graboyes is hiring a glazing system CAD designer / draftsperson

Join our phenomenal team (working remotely is fine) guided by our values of excellence, integrity, respect for others, and positivity. We are Philadelphia-based Graboyes Commercial Window and Glass Solutions, a premier commercial glazing and fenestration firm and a trusted leader in architectural custom glass and metal construction.

The primary responsibility of our glazing system CAD designer / draftsperson is to collaborate with our team and meet crucial timelines in providing technical drawings for custom curtainwall, storefront, and other glazing systems.  Additionally it is important that the individual is aligned with our company values including those stated at


  1. Proficient in AutoCAD/AutoDesk
  2. Ability to focus on and ensure accuracy of work
  3. Outstanding communication and people skills
  4. Dedication to best practices in drafting and modeling
  5. Desire to gain new skills through training and educational opportunities
  6. Exceptional spatial aptitude
  7. Desire to work among a dynamic, meticulous, high-achievement team
  8. Working knowledge of MS Excel and other office software
  9. Ideal candidate would have familiarity with BIM and Revit and knowledge of construction of systems in a job condition
  10. Associates or bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience


  1. Create technical drawings for curtainwall, storefront, and other glazing systems
  2. Complete and work with base designs using CAD to complete project submittal documents and create fabrication drawings and models from these submittal documents
  3. Work with team to create submittal details, plans, and elevations
  4. Create layout and tag drawings for installation
  5. Read and interpret project specifications and architectural drawings
  1. Familiarity with Curtain Wall
    • Anchoring/Clips to structure
    • Embeds/Embed drawings
    • Slab fire safing/backpans
    • Steel loading
    • Splices
    • Systems available
    • Thickness of glass allowed in each system
  2. Familiarity with Storefront and Window Wall / Ribbon Windows
    • Overall Sizing limitations
    • Expansion mullions
    • Steel loading
    • Systems available
    • Thickness of glass allowed in each system
  3. Familiarity with miscellaneous Glazing
    • Security Screens
    • Glass Guardrails
    • Windscreens
    • Mirrors
    • All-Glass wall and door systems
    • Channel Glazing
    • Radius glass systems
  1. Familiarity with IGU’s and Monolithic Glazing
    • Makeup of glass
    • Sizing in different systems
    • Calculating Radius
    • Laminated configurations
  2. CAD experience/overall drafting experience
    • Using CAD floor plans and elevations, as well as .pdf versions to lay out systems
  3. Ability to work with engineers during drafting to provide correct product and anchoring

Employee benefits include:

  1. Group health, vision, and dental insurance
  2. Life insurance
  3. 401 (k) retirement plan with employer match
  4. Career development opportunities
  5. Paid holidays, vacations, and personal time off
  6. Employee assistance plan
  7. Ability to work remotely 

How to contact us:

If you have an interest in this role and in getting to know more about us, send an email with your resume to [email protected].