Yes, we do windows — and storefront, and window wall, and curtain wall

May 9, 2018 by Lou Filippone

I was speaking recently with a commercial construction professional from a large general contractor, and I mentioned our work on a curtain wall project. I noticed her look of confusion and inquired why, knowing what the reply would likely be since I’ve heard it before in my business development role here at Graboyes:

“Don’t you guys focus only on punched-opening work?” Or, “Aren’t you the experts on renovations and historic window replacement?

A Philadelphia commercial glazing firm with wide-ranging capabilities

Being “on the inside” at Graboyes, I take for granted that the team is more than capable of tackling any project. That said, perception and history are sometimes tough to overcome. So I don’t mind saying it over and over: The answer is no, we aren’t just a punched-opening company. While that’s what we are known for in the Philadelphia region, and for good reason, what we are is a commercial glazing company with wide-ranging capabilities to handle any architectural glass needs. For example:

  1. Graboyes pulls its labor force from the same union organizations that all of our union-shop competition does. Our company-employed glaziers and carpenters are trained thoroughly on, and have extensive working knowledge of, all the systems we install.
  2. We maintain a culture of success, professionalism, and unparalleled execution. Our estimating, design, and project management teams have decades of combined experience in the aforementioned disciplines and are the best at what they do.
  3. Graboyes has maintained its certification by the NACC (North American Contractor Certification Program for Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors) since the program’s inception — in the Low Rise and High Rise Building Envelope categories. And we were one of the first contractors in the nation to do so. To paraphrase one of our own competitors who recently spoke at a building envelope symposium here in Philly, “If a contractor is certified through NACC, you know they are more than capable of performing the work — and that is a contractor that you want on your job.”
  4. We’ve been recognized by both Glass and US Glass over the last several years as a US-Top 50 glazing contractor.
  5. We’ve received the highest safety honors from FCA International through their annual CREST safety awards program.
  6. We consistently provide the superior level of quality and execution that got us on these lists — and that the region’s construction community has come to expect from Graboyes across its 34-year history.

We bring the same focus of expertise and care, every time. Whether it’s windows or unitized curtain wall, or storefront, or window wall, or timber-frame curtain wall. Our management team, right along with our exceptional installation crews of union-trained glaziers and carpenters, bring a remarkable breadth of knowledge, experience, and superior client service to each project.

Why should I choose Graboyes as my glazing subcontractor?

I’m also sometimes asked another sincere question – “Why should I choose Graboyes?” I am smiling at the thought of all the reasons as I write this. You could refer to the list above. Or there is the fact that our walls are covered in both local and national awards and countless accolades from GCs – my favorite being, “Graboyes is the best f*#&ing sub I have ever had!” (That direct quote was proclaimed by a superintendent for a prominent Philly GC who shall remain nameless to protect confidentiality.) Or you might even point out the seemingly unending, mind-boggling number of buildings in and around Center City where our legacy speaks for itself every day.

An authentic, powerful mission helping people make buildings better

But to me, the answer is simple: people. We care about people, we respect people, and we take seriously our own responsibility when we’re part of a construction team. Just like the attention to detail that we have brought to numerous and sometimes massive occupied-space projects throughout our history, we bring that same white glove service to every job, every interaction, every day.

At Graboyes we pride ourselves on not just putting glass assemblies together, but in truly helping developers, GCs, owners, and architects make buildings better. It’s an authentic, powerful mission, and because of it few people have ever regretted their selection of us as their subcontractor.

Lou Filippone