commercial interior glass
Photo credit: Invisiwall and JE Berkowitz

As a workplace design trend, nothing right now outshines interior glass. Its appeal includes exceptional aesthetic, light, and productivity benefits. And when commercial partition systems are designed and installed in a demountable fashion, they offer great flexibility and tax-related benefits.

At Graboyes Commercial, we welcome the opportunity to partner with GCs and architects early in the design process to create customized interior glass solutions without compromising the budget. (In fact, when compared accurately to the kinds of packages offered by furniture companies, customized installations by professional glazing firms like Graboyes are often less expensive.)

Quality commercial interior glass installation

As a union contracting organization with in-house design expertise, we bring to bear the entire range of expertise needed for extensive creativity and safe, quality installation. This expertise is crucial because glass requires specialized equipment, comprehensive jobsite safety practices, and keen understanding of the metal or wood systems and sealants that anchor the glass in place and ensure its flawless and fabulous performance.

Our interior glass installations are:

  • Full service
  • Customized
  • Integrated into the project early on
  • Guided by actual field measurements (unlike furniture companies)
  • Never cookie cutter (unlike furniture companies)
  • Executed by highly trained experts in glass, construction, and safety

Tax depreciation benefits of demountable glass partitions

While traditional glazing systems are included in CSI Division 8: Doors and Windows, most interior demountable glass partitions are found in CSI Division 10: Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment. (We can provide work in either division.) Demountable interior glass partitions are appealing because of accelerated seven-year tax depreciation.

By all means, contact us today to tell us about your interior glass project.